understanding building block


Children need to understand words before they can start to use them

Children learn to talk by hearing words over and over again.
They need to hear a new word many, many times, and understand it, before they are able to try to say them themselves.

Understanding language can also be called 'receptive language' or 'comprehension'. 

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What can I do to help my child's understanding?

General strategies to support all children

Using symbolic sounds e.g. brum, meow

Talking Time’ with my child

Reduce my language

Model Language

Listen, Think, Talk (parent-child interaction strategies)

Using Gestures and signs





 You can monitor your child's early vocabulary development using our First Words List

How can I help my child understand language at different ages / stages?

Action Words

Action word pictures

For further activity ideas and pictures, see the 'vocabulary' tab on the left of this page. 



Key Words:

Working at One Word Level

Working at Two Word Level

Bridging Between Word Levels

Working at Three Word Level

Working at Four Word Level

2 and 3 Part Instructions



Developing understanding of big and little

Developing location knowledge - Prepositions

Concept Development: What to Expect and When

Concept Development for Key Stage 1 and 2

Concept Development for Key Stage 3 and 4 


How to Refer

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