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Learning to talk 

Talking is how we usually express ourselves. That's why Speech and language therapists often refer to talking as "Expressive Language".

Children learn to talk by hearing words over and over again. They need to hear a new word many, many times before they can try to say it themselves.

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Some children use alternative or supportive communication systems (other than talking). Click on the link below to find out more:

What can I do to help my child talk more?

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If your child is already supported by the service - it may recommend which links to use on your latests Therapy Plan.

To help you to monitor which words your child is using, see our First Words List

Top Tips for early development:

Click on this link for more information about supporting your child to develop language: Listen Think Talk


How to support children that find talking difficult:

Later Language Development:

When needing to work on specific parts of grammar, the resources below may be of use (note: in alphabetical order rather than in order of development). Click on this link to find out about the usual stages of grammar development: 

How to Refer

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