play building block

Why is play important? 

Children learn about the world they live in by playing. They watch, explore, discover and copy the things that they see going on around them.

Play is also vital for language development as well as the ability to make friends.

All children benefit greatly from time spent playing with an adult who tuses comments rather than questions (e.g. 'you've got the red car' Vs 'what colour car have you got?'). Playing with your child is really important from birth and throughout their childhood. See our leaflet on screen time.

Click on the link below to for an idea of what to expect for your child at their age and some suggested of how to support their play development:

To find out more about the different kinds of play, have a look at this leaflet: 

For further ideas, click on the following handouts to open them. If your child is accessing the service, the therapist may have written which handouts to use on the most recent therapy plan.

How to Refer

Click here to find out how to refer a child.