attention and listening building block 

What is attention and listening? 

Attention and listening is being able to listen and focus on specific tasks or sounds.

It can be a tricky skill for young children to learn.

Why are attention and listening important?

Good attention and listening skills help with:

  • Social skills
  • Understanding language
  • Following instructions
  • Learning to communicate
  • Speech sounds
  • All areas of learning

All children will develop attention skills at different speeds. Click on the link below for an idea of what to expect at different ages:

How can I help my child develop listening and attention skills?

Helping children to develop listening and attention skills will have a positive effect on their language skills too.

See handouts for ideas to support your child's attention and listening skills

Top tips for listening (preschool children)

Classroom strategies to support attention and listening (school aged children)

How can I help my child develop listening and attention?

Activities for listening to sounds

Activities for listening to instructions 

Ready Steady GO Games

Sound Bags

Taking Turns when playing


How to Refer

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